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"Feeling the benefits both physically and psychologically it gives you a totally different perspective for problem solving. "

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By installing a Treadmill Desk in your office you are making a great investment in not just your health but the health of your staff, allowing the freedom of movement whilst still being able to undertake normal working duties



Treadmill Desk Benefits

Treadmill Desk Benefits

Every year businesses spend thousands on ergonomic products, many of which are designed to aid the worker and relieve their pain. However, very few are built to reverse the problem. Sitting is a contributing factor to the many health problems that office workers experience - which will ultimately have a negative and costly effect on the employer too. Treadmill desks are a simple solution for businesses looking to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, and ultimately drive down staff sickness expense and reduce ergonomic spend.

reduce heart disease by as much as 64%.

Regular movement increases circulation and can reduce heart disease by as much as 64%.

Walking while working enhances memory

Walking while working enhances memory and cognitive function.

Walking improves posture

Walking improves posture, relieves lower back pain and strain injuries.

feeling more motivated and productive while using a treadmill desk

Treadmill desk users have reported feeling more motivated and productive when they walk at work.


burn up to 8% more calories

Users will burn up to 8% more calories by engaging in light activity during the working day.


One of the best forms of exercise is walking. Walking when you would otherwise be sedentary can only be a good thing!


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