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OMM and The Environment

OMM believe wholeheartedly in creating a sustainable environment. OMM take all possible measures in the running of our business to support this view.

OMM are happy to collect any of our boxes, used toners, or old mobile phones from customers to be recycled. This service is supplied completely free of charge, but does not cover any other waste generated by your business. A copy of our environmental policy is available upon request.

OMM excludes the use of natural rain forest wood from its papers. OMM only sell paper that is produced from pulp manufactured from sustainable forests. All OMM paper is either totally chlorine free (TCF) or elemental chlorine free (ECF).

As a company whose business is dedicated to the production and management of better documents, OMM has a healthy respect for the environment and a commitment to conservation. OMM work with the largest distributor of cut sheet paper in Europe and consequently are committed to deliver paper with the lowest environmental impact. This includes the complete life cycle from raw materials to the recycling of waste. Minimising the use of energy in its operations helps control both businesses cost and the detrimental effect on the environment.

Before OMM considers supplying paper from a Mill, they are asked to show environmental policies and complete an environmental questionnaire, which covers Forest management practices, pulp production and bleaching, copy paper production and waste paper recycling.

Two specific areas of major concern to OMM are forest management and the environmental control of pulp and paper production.

OMM have a toner recycling service available to our customers who buy their toner consumables from us. All plastic toner containers are collected and recycled which contributes to the goal of zero landfill waste.

We are working towards ISO14001, an environmental management system, which demands objective evidence that can be audited to demonstrate that the environmental management system is operating effectively in conformance with the standard.





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