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Fastback Binding Machines

Fastback Binding

Fastback is the world's most advanced desktop binding system.

  • Binding machines that have a beautiful professional finish
  • Super-strong binding that lasts and lasts
  • Binding machines that are Incredibly simple to use
  • Binds one or more thousand books on demand
  • Personalise your documents in four fabulous binding styles

Fastback Binding Machines

A New Chapter in Binding
Turn ordinary documents into something special. The image strip represents a new level of binding customisation, ensuring that every document will promote your brand.

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Whether you need to bind just a few documents at a time or a thousand, there is a Fastback binding machine for you. Speed, ease of use and quality of finish are what makes Fastback unique.

Fastback's patented innovations have made strong, beautiful binding accessible to everyone. Produce professional-looking, super-strong hardcovers, Strip bound and Perfect bound documents can be made with just one machine.

But, how are they different from traditional methods? How are they better?

Our tape binding vs. manual punch-and-bind
This one's easy. With our one-step process, you get stronger, more polished covers 3.5 times faster. And there's no counting, punching or drilling of pages required.

Our tape binding vs. ordinary tape binding
Ordinary tape binding is flimsy and tends to create binds that fall apart quickly. Our revolutionary patented technology uses 3 specialized glue formulations for a higher-engineered strip that ensures maximum adhesive penetration, structurally sound spine strength and incredibly strong cover adhesion. This results in pages that resist up to 50lbs of pull.

Our hardcover books vs. manufactured books
Our unique StitchFree™ technology lets you add a professional-quality hard cover to your book or document without additional equipment. The adhesive is built in to the cover so there's no messy glue painting. And Fastback® binding machines let you produce short runs of unique content, with no wastage. So you can bind one book (or hundreds) at a time.

PerfectBack® binding vs. traditional perfect binding
Let's say you want to create five paperback books. You'd have to send your job to a bindery with expensive equipment and a large glue vat. With our tabletop Fastback® 15x system and Perfectback® strips, you can bind multiple short runs yourself, with no set up.

Personalized Photobooks: No other type of affordable binding can produce quality Photobooks. 2 different Photobook systems will suit all applications from the home/office one-off Photobook to printshop glossy-paper high-volume runs.

Design options:
All our materials come in multiple colours and textures. Our Foilfast® printer allows you to customize and personalize your covers in up to 7 foil colours.

Fastback Binding Styles

Fastback Binding Styles

Fastback Binding Styles

Fastback binders and accessories enable you to create stylish, professional-looking books and documents in a matter of minutes

Fastback 9 Binding Machine image Strips

Fastback Image Strips

Promote your brand with every document you bind – Image Strips bring a new level of customisation

Fastback Strip Binding

Fastback strips are unrivalled for quality and performance. Technologically sophisticated, the strips come in 8 types and 16 colours. The flexible adhesive adheres only to the page edges and contains a unique 'barcode' that is read by the Fastback binder for perfect results.

Combine your colour choice of binding strips with Fastback Bindercovers, clear or frosted PVC covers or the heatproof cover of your choice for fast, impressive results. Binding strips can be either the bestselling cloth-effect Superstrip, or the elegant leather-look comp Strip. Covers are two separate pieces, front and back. We can supply front covers with cut-out windows if required.

Strip Binding


For professional Hardcover binding results, a number of special accessories are essential. Endleaves are first bound to the front and back of the book black. These hide the binding strip in the finished book. For a really special finish a ‘headband’ is stuck to the top and bottom of the bound book block spine before assembling into the Hardcover. The Hardcover Guide makes assembling the book block into the spine very easy. The Hardcover can then be decorated with a self-adhesive matching title sheet, either as a front cover or as a spine wrap. All title sheets can be foil printed with text and logos on the FoilfastTM Printer.


professional Hardcover binding


Perfectback binding features a wrap-around cover for producing economical paperback books of up to 350 pages. With no setup costs, one or many books can be made on demand.

It’s easy to make your own covers – the Powis Scorer will enable quick and precise scoring to your cover materials.

Perfectback strips bind the book block (pages of the book) prior to assembling into Perfectback covers. Three different types of Perfectback strip are available, depending on the materials used and whether the book is required to lay completely flat, or if the cover is heat-sensitive (such as digitally printed stock).



fastback halfback Covers

Fastback Halfback covers feature a wrap-around spine and front cover in one piece so you can inkjet-print the front cover and spine. Bound together with the pages and back cover, this offers a seamless finish for your books of up to 300 sheets, and your artwork can extend over the spine to the back of the book for a professional and stylish finish.

fastback halfback Covers


Fastback Photobooks are bound in a similar way to Hardcovers, but previously difficult-to-bind glossy heavyweight papers can now be bound with ease using one of the three Photobook binding systems.

The Studio Binding system is an affordable way to bind any papers into Photobooks. The book block is edge-stapled using the powerful Powis Stitcher, then strip bound over the special flat recessed staples in the Fastback 8xe. Finally, the book is assembled using the Hardcover Guide.

The Photobook Work Cell StitchFree™ binding system takes a new approach to photo album production. This binding system allows for full-page bleeds on coated papers, because the binding edge is first 'split' in the Fastback Splitter, allowing the adhesive in the binding strip to attach internally to the raw paper fibres rather than the exterior coating. After binding in the Fastback 25, the Hardcover Guide is employed to assemble the final Photobook.




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