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Fastback Binding Machines and the Environment

Fastback Binding Machines and the Environment

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Fastback Green Statement - Green Binding

Environmental Concerns

Consideration for the environment and environmental issues has been a major focus at Powis Parker throughout our history. As we developed our document finishing systems, we worked to ensure that, whenever possible, the components that went into the equipment and the ingredients of our finished products were environmentally friendly.

An on-going process

We have qualified — and will continue to qualify — paper manufacturers, adhesive vendors, parts suppliers, and others. Our objective is to develop working relationships with companies that demonstrate a concern for the environment and wise use of our resources in their manufacturing processes, use of materials and corporate philosophies.

Paper and composition material - recycled content

Currently, the bulk of our papers and composition materials are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and contain 30% recycled and/or post-consumer waste content. We continue to urge our paper suppliers to increase their overall percentage of recycled content and post – consumer waste.

Paper based binding - recyclable

Unlike plastic comb and coil binding, Powis binding is paper based and has a low environmental impact. Most Powis bound documents can be recycled at any place you would recycle your magazines and newspapers. Further, we are pressing our suppliers to use paper manufacturing processes that employ the latest technology with the least adverse environmental impact.


The polymers used for our strips are manufactured in the USA under strict environmental
standards. Our products are manufactured to environmental codes as subject to California
manufacturing standards. From materials used to make the strips, to the manufacturing, and the customer’s ability to recycle bound documents with our Binder strips, Powis Parker is committed to making products with as little environmental impact as possible.


hardcovers are made from 100% recycled board.


The leather cover material is from the Valencia region of Spain, handcrafted from the leading vendor in recycling leather fibers. Their chemistry, water re-use and air quality exceed rigorous European standards. The fiber content of the Bonded Leather is 100% recycled cowhide fibers. The fibers are bound together by natural latex, a renewable resource tapped from Hevea trees without harming the tree. The bonded leather is a pre-consumer recycled leather that gives renewed life to otherwise discarded cowhide fiber shavings generally sent to landfills. The supply of shavings exceeds the demand for bonded leather, so each additional square foot of bonded leather produced reduces the quantity of shavings sent to landfills.

The Fastback machines

Fastback document binding machines are designed, engineered and manufactured for safe use in offices, print shops and other facilities. Unlike traditional adhesive binding methods, with the Fastback system the hot adhesive is wrapped between the binder strip backing and pages of the documents, so fumes are not released into the atmosphere. Fastback binding machines have received safety approvals from UL, TUV, CUL, and MITI.



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