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Turn your paper trail into a digital workflow with eCopy

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Streamline your business with eCopy.

Changing the way you distribute documents around your business could help you to improve productivity, meet compliance issues and reduce your impact on the environment.

Take a moment to think about the amount of paper documents that are around your office right now on desks, in your filing system, or in the post on the way to clients. Chances are, theres far more than you need, and this mountain of paper is slowing your staff and your business down. Switching to a digital document distribution solution such as eCopyT ShareScan® can dramatically turn this around, helping you:

  • Increase access to information and send productivity levels soaring.
  • Make working life easier for your end users and IT staff.
  • Introduce audit trails to meet security and compliance targets.
  • Eliminate costly postage and courier costs by emailing documents at zero cost.
  • Slash the amount of paper you use which saves cost and the environment.

Read on to learn more about how eCopy can help to simplify and
speed up your document distribution.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with eCopy.

Choose the version of eCopy you need depending on your document distribution needs. For example, if you're looking for an easy-to-use document scan/capture system, eCopyT ShareScan® Essentials is ideal. Or for more advanced network integration with your back-end systems and network applications, such as electonic content management, choose eCopyT ShareScan® Suite.

Both solutions also include eCopy Desktop,T* which allows users to consolidate different electronic formats into a single format, then edit and add annotations. This software is also available as a separate module.

Your eCopy options:

Your eCopy options

Make collaboration easier with eCopy ShareScan Essentials

Connect your multifunctional printer (MFP) to your organisations email system, fax and network folders for fast, secure document distribution with eCopy ShareScan Essentials.

  • Improve user productivity by making it easier for staff to save, locate and access information.
  • Your IT staff can manage all MFPs and user accounts from a single, centralised point.
  • With audit trails in place, you can keep track of who is sending what, which also helps you meet compliance requirements.
  • Data encryption ensures your confidential information remains secure.
  • The solution can expand with your business as it grows and adapt to changing needs.
  • The embedded Canon MEAP-platform allows eCopy ShareScan to be operated through the standard colour user interface.
  • The optional add-on keyboard allows users to type in passwords and file names at the device with ease.

All of which means eCopy ShareScan Essentials helps users share electronic
documents, collaborate more effectively and boost workgroup productivity.

share electronic

Its easy to use with simple on-screen directions and an intuitive user interface embedded into your MFP. Users can either email or fax documents or scan to folders directly from the device without needing to return to their PC.

Full network integration with eCopy ShareScan Suite.

This software suite includes all the benefits of eCopy ShareScan Essentials, plus more advanced network integration into your back-end systems, applications, databases and servers for an even more efficient document workflow.

You also get real-time integration with many popular document management, collaboration and business applications. This effectively turns your MFP into a general document input device, helping you streamline processes and increase efficiency. Not to mention out-of-the-box connectivity with Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Access and SQL Server, which means you can get even more from your existing investments.

  • Versatile file naming and indexing options ensure users can quickly create workflows and find digital documents.
  • You can control user authentication and access to applications dynamically.

In short, eCopy ShareScan Suite is ideal if you’re looking to integrate paper-based
information into your back-end systems and applications to improve efficiency.

ScanStation for MFPs

eCopy ScanStationTM is a free-standing touch-screen, keyboard and computer that connects easily to any scan-capable Canon MFP the large user interface makes it easy for users to view options.

ScanStation for MFPs

ScanStation for scanners

ScanStation is also available for individual scanners, which helps to turn any Canon DR scanner into part of a document distribution solution and workflow.

ScanStation for scanners

Improve personal productivity with eCopy Desktop.

eCopy Desktop software enables users to work more productively, by consolidating different electronic document formats (such as MS Office and PDF documents) into a single format.

This helps users locate and retrieve information quickly, and they can also edit documents and add annotations or highlights as and where they need to. Licences of this versatile software are delivered with both eCopy ShareScan Essentials (1 licence) and eCopy ShareScan Suite (10 licences), or can be purchased separately.

eCopy Desktop software

Improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase security with eCopy.

Using eCopy to turn your paperwork into a secure, digital workflow means information can flow around your business a lot more smoothly and help your staff work more effectively. not to mention using less paper.

While this has obvious benefits in terms of costs, it can also help you meet environmental targets and make your brand greener. This approach ties into Canons strong environmental commitment, and our corporate philosophy of Kyosei: living and working together for the common good.

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