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Office Screens

desktop office screens and accessories

Office Desk Screens and Freestanding Office Partitions

Desktop screens offer both privacy and an significant improvement in office acoustics. They also serve to add a final touch of colour to your office.

Freestanding screens can help to create quiet areas in the workspace, and also act as room dividers to establish breakout spaces in open plan offices.

We at OMM specialise in desktop office screens and office screen dividers. You can choose from our wide selection of desk-mounted screens available at competitive prices: straight-top screens and curved screens to fit on the edge of desks, or framed screens, with and without tool rails, and upholstered or glazed.

Wave Mounted Desk Screen

Wavw mounted desk screen

Jump Office Desk Screens

Desk Screens Desk Mounted Straight Top

Jump Office Desk Screens, Desk Mounted Straight Top

Screens Desk Mounted Curved Top

Jump Office Desk Screens, Desk Mounted Curved Top

Desk Screens Desk Mounted Wave Top

Jump Office Desk Screens, Desk Mounted Wave Top

Office Desktop Mounted Partition Screens

  • Each desktop screen is supplied with 2 silver desk-mounting brackets to suit 18-30mm desktops
  • All desktop office screens are fully upholstered, with sewn sides as standard
  • No extra cost to add optional linking features
  • A choice of straight, curved, or wave top screen shapes
  • All desk screens can be used with pins to create pinboard

Download the Rubic Reception Seating Brochure Download the Office Desk Top Mounted Partition Screens Brochure

Jump Freestanding Office Partition Screens

Free Standing office Partition Screens


Partition Screens Link

Jump Screen Office Partition Screens Link

Partition Screens Corner Link

Jump Office Partition Screens Corner Link

Main features:

  • Each Jump screen is supplied with an integral linking profile in black and 1 inline linking strip
  • Leveling feet as standard
  • Screens can be linked together in 2, 3, and 4 way configurations

Download the Rubic Reception Seating Brochure Download the Office Desk Top Mounted Partition Screens Brochure

Desktop Office Screens

Download the Rubic Reception Seating Brochure Download the Office Desk Top Screens Brochure

Desk Mounted Speed Screen

Office Desk Mounted Speed Screens

Available in straight, curved and waved top shape with uPVC edging. Price includes mounting brackets

Desk Mounted Screen

Office Desk Mounted Screen

Contemporary 25mm desk screens, featuring aluminium posts and optional tool bar for all your office essentials.

Frame Screens and Tool Bar Screens

aluminium framed desk screens

All these aluminium framed screens are height adjustable to suit the user. The framed screens are upholstered and come with a top Tool Bar.

Download the Rubic Reception Seating Brochure Download the Frame Screens and Toolbar Screens Brochure

mounted Toolbar screens

Desk Mounted Tool Bar Screens

Tool Bar Screens

Office Desk Tool Bar Screen

Aluminium Full Toolbar Screens

Desk Top Aluminium Full Toolbar Screens

  • Distinctive, clean lines give this aluminium screen a modern look
  • The aluminium desk screens with slats make it simple to hang office accessories within easy reach
  • Screens are 380mm high
  • Available in various widths
  • Screens fit most desks
  • Screens clamp neatly to desktops
Top Wave Fully Upholstered Screen

Wave, Fully Upholstered Desktop Screens

  • Fabric upholstery
  • Wide colour range
  • 380mm>180mm high
  • Silver end posts
  • Clamps to the desk
  • Fits most desks
  • Various widths


Upholstered with Toolbar Screen

Upholstered Desktop Screens with Integrated Tool Bar

  • Fabric upholstery in various colours
  • Integrated tool bar on screen top for office accessory hanging and positioning on both sides
  • 380mm height
  • End posts in silver finish
  • Various widths available to suit all desks


Fully Glazed Screens

Desk Top Fully Glazed Screens

  • Frosted glass desktop screens
  • 380mm high
  • Stylish silver posts
  • Available in different widths
  • Screens will fit most desk types

Glazed with Toolbar Screen

Glazed Desktop Screens
with Tool Bar

  • Modern, clean lines
  • Part-glazed, part-aluminium
  • Integrated tool bar at top of screen for easy office accessory hanging
  • 380mm height
  • Silver end and top posts
  • Available in a variety of widths
  • Clamps securely to desktop


Straight Fully Upholstered Screen

Straight, Fully Upholstered Desktop Screens

  • Fabric upholstery in wide range of colours
  • 380mm hight
  • Contemporary silver finish end posts
  • Various widths available
  • Clamps neatly to the desk top and fits to most desk types



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